Build private video rooms

Simple way to talk to others with use of peer-to-peer technology

Designed for business private chats

Especially for


Create protected video rooms!

Up to 16 people video room

You can build a simplified peer-to-peer video room. Simply generate a video link and send it to other parties. You can protect the room with password and custom terms and conditions.

Room protection

You can protect your call not only with high SSL transmission but also with other simplified methods like entry password

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Private (P2P)

Our system is using peer-2-peer connection between video chat members which makes this conversation very private


The video-call is encrypted with the same SSL protection that is used in banks all over the world

Link based

Your clients can build rooms that will be available through a unique link that can be sent to other parties

Workspace builder

Users can build their own workspace that can be customized with logotype, brand

Password protected

Your clients can build encrypted one-to-one rooms with password protection


Your clients can build peer-to-peer video conference rooms for up to 16 people