Today, in the world of the Internet, we can distinguish 2 large groups of communication methods: exchange of information through a remote server or direct peer to peer (P2P) communication. Let's take a look at both options and find out which one is the safest if you want to protect your data.

When you exchange information through a remote server, your request is firstly sent to a special computer, and then to a computer of your recipient. This type of data exchange is the most common, since it can significantly simplify the process of data transfer and thereby increase performance. But is it the safest one? Obviously, since information is sent to a third-party server, the risk of its theft by various malware significantly increases. Moreover, it can be changed in the process of transmission and come to your recipient in a distorted form.

Now let’s talk about peer to peer communication. In its simplest form, a peer to peer network is created when two or more PCs are connected and share resources without going through a separate server computer. This technology is based on special protocols and applications that set up direct relationships among users over the internet. Since information flows from one user to another directly, without transferring to a remote server, this type of communication is much more secure. Of course, with this method of data transmission, there are also certain risks, for example, the presence of malware on your computer, but all of them are negligible compared to other communicators.

A good example of a service that uses P2P technology is the VLI platform. This system is used to create secure video calls.

Using special protocols, information is transferred directly between the meeting participants, without sending it to a remote server. Thanks to optimization solutions,there are no performance problems during calls that are typical for this type of communication. 16 people can participate in the call at the same time, using their micro, webcams and screen demonstrations.

Moreover, you can additionally protect your conference with a password, which will minimize all the risks of data theft. However, you can see for yourself all the advantages of this platform. Thank you for your attention!